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Sexual supplements

The Need for Sexual Supplements

Bedroom troubles such as erectile difficulties in men and low libido in women are extremely common. These are just a couple of many other sexual problems that can easily take a toll over one’s sex life. The most common causes of such problems in men and women are poor blood flow in the genital area, fatigue, life stress, performance anxiety, poor diet, underlying health conditions, prescription medications, etc. Now while some of these causes need a doctor's attention, others can be easily combated with the use of natural sexual supplements readily available as over-the-counter solutions. Buying these supplements over-the-counter saves you from going through a spree of embarrassing discussions with your doctor or health professional.

Components in Herbal Sexual Supplements

Most herbal sexual supplements in the UK are formulated using natural extracts specially chosen for their ability to stimulate the sexual function and enhance your bedroom performance. Some of the most commonly used herbal extracts in such supplements are-

Yohimbe- Known and used as an aphrodisiac and a traditional cure of sexual problems for many years now. Yohimbe is widely used in supplements and is sold as both, prescription and over-the-counter sexual supplements. The key benefit of yohimbe in to improve erectile function.

Ginkgo- Extract of ginkgo leaves helps in the enhancement of both, physical and psychological aspects of sexual health. It assists in improving sluggish blood flow to the genitals for their better sexual performance. Moreover, it also fades anxiety, stress and depression, which are the common libido killers in both, men and women.

Damiana- Widely known and used as a sexual stimulant, aphrodisiac, mood enhancer and tonic, damiana leaf extract has been in use for centuries for both, male and female sexual enhancement.

Ginseng- Another herb with a long history of medicinal use is ginseng. According to Mayo Clinic, many studies have backed the potential of Asian and American Ginseng to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Supplements for Men

In addition to erectile problems, common male sexual problems include low libido, low testosterone levels in the body, low semen volume, premature ejaculation, low sexual stamina, etc. Apart from sexual problems, there are also many men conscious over their penis size. To address all these common performance and size related problems, there have been made available various male sexual enhancement supplements.

A few of the most trusted and best sexual supplements for men that use the above explained and other male enhancement ingredients are-

Prosolution Pills

If the lack of multiple orgasms, sexual appetite and firmer erections is causing havoc in your sex life then, Prosolution Pills could be just the right way for you to go about it. Formulated with a comprehensive range of herbal ingredients, this supplement revives you both, physically and mentally, for explosive rounds of sexual pleasure.

Gold Max Blue

Unlike other dietary sexual supplements that need to be taken on a daily basis, this supplement is especially formulated to provide instant sexual support. Taking a pill just about 45 minutes prior to sexual activity, prepares the male sexual organs, fades fatigue and tiredness and, provides about 36 hours of libido and erection support.

Sexual Supplements for Women

Did you know that more women suffer with low libido issues than men? Be it the phase of menopause, work stress, performance anxiety, or vaginal problems, there are various and complex factors that can inhibit sexual desire in women.

Some of the best sexual supplements for women that can help boost libido levels and reduce the severity of the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction are-

Lady Prelox

Lady prelox pills are amongst the most popular female sexual pleasure enhancer supplements on the market. This natural blend can give female sex drive a significant boost. In fact, it is said that Lady Prelox pills may bring about a whopping 125% boost in libido levels.

Gold Max Pink

Just as Gold Max Blue (for men), Gold Max Pink (for women) is also specially prepared as a fast-acting sexual enhancement formula. Consuming just 1 pill about 45 minutes before indulging in sexual activity can result in instant arousal and increased sex drive.

Are these supplements Safe?

Supplements serve as one of the easiest techniques to improve sexual well-being. Moreover, the sexual supplements in the UK that we offer on our website are all-natural and free from harsh drug-based ingredients, and therefore you need not worry about any potential side effects. However, if you are suffering from any underlying medical condition or, are using any prescription medications, you should consult your doctor before beginning to use supplements. Also, be sure to use the supplement just as recommended and, go through the entire list of ingredients before using the supplement to check you are not allergic to any.