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The term prostate disease refers to a number of medical problems that can affect the health of prostate gland in men. Found exclusively in men, prostate is a walnut sized gland located just below the bladder and its primary role is to produce thick, white fluid which gets mixed with the sperm produced in the testes, thereby creating semen.

The three most common problems associated with the prostate gland are Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (prostate enlargement), Prostatis (prostate inflammation) and Prostate Cancer. Moreover, prostate problems, especially prostate enlargement and prostate cancer in older men (above 50 years of age) are extremely common, so much so, that many doctors have started seeing prostate in growing men as a sign of ageing. Prostatis though can happen at any age, it is more common in men between ages 30 and 50.

Some of the common symptoms associated with prostate enlargement include difficulty in releasing urine and frequent urination. In case of prostatis, the patient may experience pelvic pain, testicular pain and pain while ejaculating and urinating. Symptoms for prostate cancer are more or less similar to that of prostate enlargement.

In growing men especially, it is important to keep their prostate health under check regularly and should there occur any symptoms of prostate issues, immediate medical attention must be paid. However, besides seeking medical aid there are also certain natural remedies that you can include in your regular diet to minimise the impact of symptoms associated with prostate oriented problems.

Some of the natural remedies for prostate relief are:

Pumpkin and Watermelon Seeds

It is known that pumpkin seeds are a rich agent of zinc and also contain diuretic properties which help build and repair the immune system. German doctors use pumpkin seeds as a remedy to treat urination problems associated with non-cancerous prostate enlargement. Besides pumpkin seeds, watermelon tea, made using its pulp and seeds, is also known to treat bladder and prostate problems.

Saw Palmetto

As stated by various credible sources, saw palmetto has been used in herbal medicines for centuries to treat urinary symptoms including the ones triggered due to enlarged prostate. This extract is known to reduce prostate enlargement by altering certain hormone levels. Saw palmetto is a safe to consume herb and thus, does not result in any side effects.


Mixtures derived from different plants that contain substances called sitosterols, when combined together, form this prostate remedy. Studies have suggested that beta-sitosterol can treat urinary symptoms triggered as a result of enlarged prostate.

There are various naturally formulated supplements made available on market that can help relieve the symptoms of prostate related problems. Native Remedies Prostate Dr is one such effective homeopathic remedy which along with other natural ingredients include the goodness of saw palmetto which strengthens the urine stream and prevents leakage triggered due to prostate relate problems.