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  • Nexus Vibro Male G-Spot Massager

Nexus Vibro Male G-Spot Massager 

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The Nexus Vibro is more than just a male G-spot massager. It is designed much like its Nexus counterparts, except for the additional feature; the vibrating prostate bullet. This exciting feature means that not only will you get deep, powerful stimulation and massage for the Nexus Vibro, but you’ll also receive additional stimulation from the vibrating bullet that fits into the massager. So relieve your prostate, improve your sexual performance even with prostate problems or simply pleasure yourself when you use the Nexus Vibro.

The Nexus Nero can:

  • improve sexual performance even if you have prostate problems
  • relieve pressure and stress on the prostate with massage
  • promote prostate health without medications or surgery
  • improve your sexual competence
  • improve overall penile health with increase blood circulation

What is the Nexus Vibro and what exactly does it do?

Unlike other male G-spot massagers, the Nexus Vibro prostate massager has an additional feature. It has a small vibrating prostate bullet that works to add extra stimulation to the prostate when used. This additional stimulation, along with the stimulation received from the ergonomically designed massager together work to relieve the prostate from any built up pressure, sensually enhance and stimulate the prostate.

It has a curved and ribbed shaft which allows for extra anal stimulation. The pebble shaped head is designed to stimulate the prostate like no other male G-spot vibrator can. The Nexus Vibro displays dual stimulation, which means that if you use it you can enjoy entire anal canal and prostate massage simultaneously. The bullet has five speeds which you can control, so if you prefer to start off with something light and then increase the speed, it is completely up to your own discretion.

Who can use the Nexus Vibro Prostate Massager and how do you use it?

As all other Nexus products, the Nexus Vibro is designed to be easy to use. Who wants an invasive, difficult to use vibrator anyway? Again, to ensure the most comfortable and sensual experience, it is suggested that you use lubricant. The prostate vibrating bullet has five speeds which you control with the easy click of a button. There is nothing difficult about using the Nexus Vibro, which makes it super easy to use and accessible to anyone who is looking to improve their prostate health, ease prostate pain and explore their sexual capabilities.

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Dave J says:

I have tried regular prostate massagers before the Vibro, but decided that I needed more. When I used the Vibro, I didn’t anticipate how much more it would be. I have NEVER experienced an orgasm like I do when I use my Vibro.

Henry F says:

The vibrating prostate bullet really eased the pressure that I always feel on my prostate. It was a bit intense at first, but after a few times it got really easy. My prostate doesn’t bother me nearly as much.

Tyler D says:

Before using the Nexus Vibro I hadn’t been able to have sex with my wife for over a year. I tried it after someone told me about prostate massage. After just 4 or 5 times I felt a major difference in my prostate and managed to ejaculate without much pain. I will never go another day now, let alone year without satisfying my wife.2

Edwin says:

Taking care of the prostate Is one of the most important tasks for men. And I didn’t realize it for many years. With this massager, I experienced the required relief.