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Penis Enhancement throughout History

If ancient cave paintings are to be believed (that depict men boasting their extraordinarily large penises), the obsession with a bigger penis does not seem to be a new thing. From ancient paintings to tribal African men who hanged weights to their genitals to increase its length, to the Chinese who apparently were amongst the early few who started discovering male sexual enhancing herbs. Our history has a huge bank of records that prove that the concept of the bigger the better was prevalent even then!

The difference between now and then is that today penis enlargement solutions are readily available.



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The Need for Penis Enhancement

For centuries, the size of a man’s member is considered synonymous with his manliness and virility. Therefore, men who feel their sexual life is suffering as a result of their small penis size or, if they simply wish to spice up their sexual experiences even more so, will look out for various ways of penis enlargement solutions.

Why Most Men Prefer Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement constitutes an assortment of solutions and techniques to enlarge size. Safety, of course, should always come first. Phalloplasty, a surgical procedure to modify the male organ, although may meet your expectations, it incurs a large cost plus potential health risks and side effects that cannot be avoided either. Here at SexualPerformanceTotal we carefully select the safest and most natural penis enlargement pills. Each are derived from renowned and well-trusted brands.

Natural Ingredients

Specific natural ingredients have been famed and used time after time for their male sexual enhancing properties. Many of the pills, patches and ointments for penis enlargement that we offer are formulated with such potent ingredients essential for penis enlargement.

  • Horny Goat Weed - A powerful aphrodisiac that’s known for its ability to effectively increase libido level
  • Hawthorn Berry - Known to regulate blood flow to the genitals, the most important requirement to increase penis size
  • Ginkgo Biloba - An instrumental natural property with multiple benefits. It supports blood circulation in the penis while preventing clots and also, oxidative cell damage
  • Asian Ginseng – This herb extract is known to not only heighten libido levels but it also relieves erectile difficulties in men and may also fight symptoms of premature ejaculation

Penis Enhancement results

We only choose the most trusted, potent and entirely natural based products for you. Some of these may provide results instantly and others can take a little longer but gradually work their magic. Your body’s reception to many of the ingredients in pills, patches or oils will often determine the time and effectiveness of results.

Information on Penis Enlargement