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A male enhancing device or penis extender otherwise known as male extender, is one of the most popular choices to enhance the performance and size of your manhood and immense popularity of this penis enlargement device is a major result of the fact that most of these devices are clinically tested and proved for their effectiveness.

Most of the extenders essentially have two basic inclusions that are, two fastening points (one at the base of the penis and the other one just before the glans) and rods to extend the length of the device in order for it to fit perfectly along the penis length.

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Traction Force

These devices work to increase the size of your member by stretching it using a certain penile traction force. It is this force, which is medically proven and scientifically documented to lengthen the penis. In addition to testing the effectiveness of these devices, clinical trials have also tested these extenders for safety. Trials have revealed this force as a safe to use, non-invasive treatment for penis enlargement.

In the case of penis extender devices, a gentle yet constant pressure through traction force is applied to the penile tissues. This pressure causes the penile tissues to multiply thereby, creating empty spaces in between. Consequently, your body recognizes the thus created empty spaces and fills them up with new tissues hence, increasing the size of your member. Therefore, the results may last even on a permanent basis because of the natural growth this causes.

Additional Benefits

In addition to increased length (a gradual yet steady growth), extenders can pamper your member well by providing it with other benefits as well. If you use Jes Extender range of male extender products, you can also use it to battle peyronie’s disease (mild curvature of penis). Moreover, good quality extenders may also help in improving your erection strength.

On of the most attractive benefits of using extenders is the fact that it is entirely discreet to use. Meaning, it can remain discreetly hidden underneath your clothing and can be worn comfortably for hours at end.

Ensuring Safety

There are many male extender products on the market but are all of them effective and safe? It is not possible for all such devices out there to provide safe results and therefore as a consumer, you must choose your product wisely after all it is about the health of probably the most important member in the male anatomy. Choosing a cheap quality extender may be light on your pocket but may not necessarily provide you with desired results. Furthermore, extenders made out of poor quality material may even pose damage to your penis and cause irritation.

And therefore considering the concerns of the intended consumers who regard safety of their member to be paramount, here at sexualperformancetotal.com we provide you with certain renowned and well-trusted products.

We also advise our customers to follow the instructions of such penis extender devices sensibly in order to enjoy maximum benefits along with keeping the safety of their member intact. Also, if there is any sort of injuries or wounds on your penis, it is generally advised to consult your doctor beforehand.

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