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Penis Enlargement Pumps

Male enhancement has a wide array of techniques and solutions that can help improve sexual function and your package size. Penis pumps and the ingenious technology they use are some of the most popular methods by far.

Bathmate™ Hercules Penis Pump

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Handsome Up™ Pump

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Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30

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Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X40

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A quick fact: Penis pumps are not the startling news of today. The very first such device was invented way back in the year 1917 by an Austrian inventor, Otto Ledever.

These penis enlargement are increasingly becoming popular due to the multiple sexual benefits a man can enjoy from using them. Also known as vacuum constriction devices, it is sometimes used to treat erectile difficulties. Not only this though, men occasionally prefer using such devices to exercise their penis out, which may eventually even lead to an increase in their penis size. Certain pumps with advanced designs may also help you in combating premature ejaculation to an extent.

Providing benefits as many as the ones specified above has allowed penis enlargement pumps to emerge as one of the most sought after choices for men who wish to enhance their overall sexual performance of their member along with an increase in length and girth).

How Do These Devices Work?

Penis enlargement pumps are external, cylindrical devices with generally some sort of band or ring on them. The cylinder is fitted over your member and with the help of a manual or motorized pump; the device creates a partial vacuum around it thereby, engorging it as the blood flows into your penis. This procedure in turn increases the pressure within the blood vessels of your member and benefits you by expanding your penile cells to cause them to multiply in order to eventually increase the size of your organ and provide with better erections.

Modern Advancements In Penis Pumps

Though conventionally, penis enlargement pumps consist of a cylinder, a vacuum generating pump and a band, there are also certain devices that are modified versions and include various additional features to effectively meet the user’s expectations along with providing him comfort and safety. One brand that is known for such an advanced range of pumps is Bathmate. The unique feature of these devices is the fact that they work on hydropump technology whereby; they use the power of water and air to pump up your member.

Choosing the Correct Device To Enjoy Maximum Results

There are a lot of penis pumps on the market today, but choosing the most appropriate one requires determining the quality and design of the device, its durability, easy to use functionality, customer and market feedback, discreet packaging and delivery, effectiveness and most importantly the safety of it.

Here at sexualperformancetotal.com, in addition to various other carefully chosen penis enlargement products, we keep an array of only devices that fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements. However, it is strongly advised that you must follow all the instructions of the device cautiously in order to be able to enjoy the effective results with safety.

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