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premature ejaculation cure in UK

Most men face problems with ejaculation at one point or the other. They obviously fear premature ejaculation but things are not chronic in most cases. It’s actually perfectly alright to ejaculate early on occasional basis.

However, things are getting worse with every sexual encounter; it is time that you start looking into common premature ejaculation treatment tips to be tried at home. And that’s precisely why we bring you some of the options that can help without burning a hole in pocket or even visiting a doctor.

Use condoms more often

Most men fail to understand the importance of condoms beyond protection from sexually transmitted diseases. The treatment might in fact seem to be too simple to be true but most men report better ejaculation control with the use of condom.

You just need to purchase simple latex condoms (do not get those extra thin options) and use them as often as possible to see what they can offer. It is your first line of defense and should immediately be tried if you face mild issues.

Use delay products

The delay gels and sprays have also emerged as one of the common premature ejaculation treatment support systems. Used widely by men across the world, such options are made with mild numbing agents, which can desensitize the nerves and make you last longer in bed.

Both sprays and creams need to be applied topically on the penis head to delay ejaculation. You should note that these products use only desensitizing agents and they won’t really numb your genital so you can’t feel a thing.

Alter masturbation technique

A problem with most men suffering from premature ejaculation problems is that right from their teens they masturbate with wrong technique. There is just too much pressure on the penile head with orgasm on the mind. While it helps in ejaculating quickly, it also makes penile nerves quite sensitive.

If you aren’t really in a sexual relationship, it will be better to learn more about masturbation. Spend some time reading about the correct way of doing it.

Good to Know

  • Spend more time in the foreplay as some times ‘premature’ is just in your mind
  • PC muscle exercises can also offer great help
  • Some mental exercises to concentrate someplace else just as you are about to ejaculate also yields great support
  • If none of the premature ejaculation cure tips seem to help, it is better you get professional help