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As aptly put by MedicineNet.com: for an optimum sexual health and performance, the hormones and neurological pathways must be in perfect synergy. Otherwise, it may result in multiple sexual problems. Read on to find out what are the most common sexual problems that can keep a man from enjoying a satisfying sex life.

Poor Erectile Function

Erectile dysfunction is definitely one of the most common sexual dysfunctions to impact male sexual health. As a matter of fact, it is only normal for men of any age to experience erection problems every now and then. What calls for medical concern is when this problem occurs persistently and starts to take a toll over bedroom experiences.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to gain an erection that is firm enough to indulge in sexual intercourse. It is caused when a sufficient supply of blood does not reach the penile chambers. Persistent occurrences of erectile difficulties call for medicinal help. But, for the temporary cases, there are many supplements available to help men achieve stronger erections easily, naturally and effectively. Prelox male supplement is one of such many sexual support pills that encourage a healthy blood flow to the penile chambers and improve erection strength from just two weeks of regular use.

Semen Volume

An adequate semen volume determines male sexual virility and also, fertility. Simply put, the throbbing pleasure a man experiences during orgasm is due to the certain muscles down there that rapidly contract and relax to squirt the semen out during ejaculation. So, if your body produces more semen, the muscles would pulsate for longer to force the fluid out. Thus, allowing you to enjoy prolonged sexual pleasure. In addition, a higher semen volume could mean a higher sperm count, which is definitely important for an optimum male fertility health.

Out of the many semen volume enhancement supplements out there, if you buy Semenax for men, you would be able to enjoy benefits of boosted semen volume and intensified orgasms without any major side effects. The reason being, this supplement is made from herbal extracts well-documented to support male sexual and reproductive function.

Premature Ejaculation

If a man ejaculates sooner than he would like to, then it is a condition called premature ejaculation. This sexual dysfunction is known to be even more common than poor erectile function and can have varied triggering causes, with performance anxiety being one of the most common one.

While it is entirely up to the man and his partner to decide about how long should sex last before climaxing, it is believed that ejaculating before or within a minute of entering their partner’s vagina in almost half of all sexual attempts, calls for medical help. Rare occurrences, on the other hand, can be handled easily with instant fixes widely available in form of topical formulas on market. If you are too excited to meet your partner after months apart and fear that out of sheer excitement, you may end up coming too soon then, formulas such as Stud 100 can certainly help your case. This formula acts as a mild anaesthetic that temporarily and slightly numbs the penis layers so that you can enjoy sexual pleasure for longer.

Low Sex Drive

Inhibited sexual desire is a disorder more prevalent in women but, that does not make it any less common in men. Testosterone is an extremely vital hormone in the male body and inadequate levels of testosterone can cause multiple sexual problems including dampened sexual desire. However, low testosterone levels are not the only culprit.

Daily life and stressful situations, anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, etc. are some of the other common issues that can take a toll over male sex drive. Natural sexual supplements for libido support, such as Gold Max Blue pills, are amongst the most popular, natural and fast acting supplements out there that can fire up your sex drive and result in firm, long-lasting erections.