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female sex drive

Smelling good is a requisite when you want to look and feel desirable. Certain perfumes and scents can help increase your arousal mechanism, by working as natural aphrodisiacs making you irresistible to men. There are subtle and interesting to raise female sex drive without being too obvious.

Role of fragrance in sexual arousal

Scent is a language of sexuality because certain smells can stir your emotions and feelings and they have a huge impact on the brain. Scent is often associated with romance; couple it with a candle light dinner to turn on your woman rightly. It not only springs a surprise on her but also gets her in mood!

Scents you could use to enhance your libido

  • Lavender:
  • Throughout history, lavender has been known as the herb of love due to its beautiful, sweet scent. It is said to be a great turn-on for men too. You can even make your own perfume by mixing 10 drops of lavender oil with chamomile and glycerin. You could even choose to make lavender spray to use on your pillows and sheets to make your bedroom antics more enticing.

  • Sandalwood:
  • A pungent, woody scent which hails from the Orient, sandalwood is used extensively in perfumes and colognes. As an aphrodisiac, sandalwood is used to treat impotence and help relieve anxiety. It also smells similar to small quantities of androsterone, which is a chemical similar to testosterone, sending out the right signals to the opposite sex.

  • Jasmine:
  • A universal aphrodisiac, jasmine is one of the primary ingredients of most perfumes. It’s rich, sweet smell is thought to be warming and seductive. Try using a jasmine dominant perfume or jasmine scented candle to rev up the romance

What more could you do to better your sex drive?

You could use the scents for special occasions but for an overall increase of sex drive, you could try using female libido pills such as Gold Max capsules, which help improve your sexual performance using natural ingredients and essential nutrients.