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Semen Volume and Taste

Volume and taste are two aspects of semen that can help determine the amount of sexual pleasure a man can extract from the act and therefore for those, who feel bothered due to a lack in these aspects, can increase semen volume and enhance its taste by choosing form our range of effective solutions.

The Need to Improve Ejaculation Volume

Did you know that semen volume is considered synonymous with not only virility but can also to a great extent determine a man’s fertility health? Semen, which we all know as white or grey liquid that is squirted through the penis on ejaculation, has thus been a cause of insecurity for many men.

The reason why most men wish to increase semen volume is the fact that the ejaculation is alleged to determine the intensity of fun an individual can extract from a sexual act as it is believed the more the volume produced, the more intensified the orgasms would be. In addition to this, since semen is the carrier of sperm (male units that aid in fertilization of the female’s egg) therefore, a higher volume of it would increase the odds of one of your sperm to get through.

Inadequate Volume

Low semen volume is more common in ageing men and is directly related to the amount of testosterone produced, which means that a decline in the level of testosterone in the male body results in a reduced volume of ejaculation.

And therefore, men who wish to enhance the volume of their ejaculation in order to promote their fertility and their overall sexual performance (considering the notion that associates large ejaculate quantity with sexual prowess and increases libido level), look for various ways to increase semen.

The good news however is that simple efforts too can contribute in enhancing your ejaculate volume. A proper diet that includes a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, combined with an increased intake of water can effectively increase semen volume.

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Improving Its Taste

Volume is not the only aspect related to semen that catches the attention of most men. The taste of the semen is also an important factor for most men who wish to leave no part of their sexual act untouched. Those who wish to make the climax of their sexual act pleasurable for their partners look for various solutions to enhance the taste of their semen because if otherwise, it can be a major turn off if you like to indulge in oral sex.

More often than not, the taste of your semen is determined by what you eat. Eating cabbage, garlic and a protein-rich meal before sex can be a major put off for your partner as these are a few of the foods that are semen taste spoilers. On the other hand, consuming fruits such as lemon, orange, plums, grapefruit, spearmint and mangoes can significantly give your semen an improved taste.

Semen Enhancer Treatments

Be it the volume or the taste of your semen, the role of your food is instrumental in determining both of these aspects. However in addition to the diet you consume, there are certain other ways you can enhance your semen taste and volume. These ways include various ejaculation enhancer supplements on the market that can further support for your dietary efforts to improving your ejaculation quality.

We here at sexualperformancetotal.com provide you with volume enhancers and taste enhancers. Loaded with goodness of natural ingredients, these supplements along with providing the primary desired benefits of an increased semen volume and improved taste also enhance your overall sexual performance by increasing libido levels and prolonging ejaculation.

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