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personal lubricants

Personal lubricants, otherwise known as lubes, are used to reduce friction between body parts during sexual activity. Lubes can help make lovemaking sessions better by providing the required smoothness. These are usually considered as the quickest, easiest, and sometimes most effective solution for vaginal dryness. Lubricants are used to increase pleasure and reduce pain during sexual intercourse. These may be applied to any desired body part and to the inside and/or outside of condoms.

Application of lubricant is necessary during anal sex, as the anus does not have sufficient natural lubrication required for the activity. They are also applied to sex toys to reduce friction and ease penetration into the vagina and/or anus. Most males and females also use sexual lubricants while masturbation when extra lubrication is required. Those lubes that are safe for sexual intercourse are also considered safe for masturbation.

KY Jelly

KY Jelly

Personal lubrication is used during sexual activities to reduce friction between sexual organs of men and...


Mostly all lubes fall into one of three categories: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Water-based lubricants are some of the most popular lubes as they provide the necessary smooth and silky feel without being messy and sticky. It is easily and quickly absorbed by the skin and mucous membrane. In fact, washing them off is also a simple task using warm water and maybe some soap. Moreover, water-based personal lubricants are completely condom-compatible.

Silicone-based lubes are more or less similar to water-based lubes, but they last much longer. These sexual lubricants have a thinner texture compared to water ones. However, as these lubes take longer to dry out, it is hard to clean up.

Another type of lubricant is oil-based. These are mostly used by couples who don’t require using condoms. As oil-based sexual lubrication increases the chances of breakage and slipping of latex condoms, some couples usually avoid it. However, those who wish to avoid additives and preservatives found in other lubes prefer oil-based lubes. Also, when using some sex toys, these lubes are quite helpful.

Sexualperformancetotal.com has spent a lot of time researching lubricant products in UK to ensure that only the best products are selected in our range that we bring you. We have included all kinds of lubricants including water-based and oil-based ones for your selection. All the products we offer here are perfect for your top drawer and can be used daily for enhancing your sexual pleasure naturally.

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