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sexual dysfunction in women

Among the various manifestations of ageing, sexual dysfunction in women is an inevitable part. It is strongly related to factors such as mental and physical health, demographics and interrelated life experiences. Apart from these, there are some things that may be going wrong in your bedroom which may not come to your notice. As a man, it will do you good to know what is turning your woman away from sex.

What turns women off sexually?

The answer is expansive. But here are a few pointers that could help you change your bedroom antics:

  • Pulling her head to the penis:
  • Unless, a woman is travelling to your priced possession voluntarily, do not indulge in barbarism of pulling her to it. Remember that not many women are open to oral sex initially.

  • Turning up without a condom:
  • You may have your excuses of being in a hurry to get there in time. But getting into the act without protection is an idea that she would not appreciate. There are a variety of condoms available in every nook and corner so a woman doesn’t have to ask you to put one on! The risk factors of unprotected sex take away the pleasure of the act too. So, think before you hurry into the bedroom without your weapon!

  • Poor hygiene:
  • Women prepare for sex, so you must too. While some women prefer shaved genitals, some can do with trimmed bush so before you bring out your organ, ensure that it’s been maintained well. First impressions are lasting, remember?

  • Rough handling:
  • Women like to be caressed and not grabbed and shoved around. They want to see your soft side and not the one which watches WWF matches with jest! So, abstain from manhandling until she is comfortable with the idea of rough sex.

  • Talking a lot:
  • A lot of men keep asking questions during the act which can distract any woman. It interferes with her enjoyment and sometimes takes her away from the brink of orgasm. Most women do not understand why men need constant reassurance. They feel it is obvious in their reactions itself! So guys, get a grip! Note the body language.

    What can women do to boost their sexual functioning?

    Female enhancement cream is a good option for those women who need a little boost to get back their lost sex drive. Vigorelle cream, for instance, is a herbal formulation which lubricates intimate parts helping in stimulating senses in women, preparing them for the act.