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A recent study from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia has suggested that men are more bothered about how the size of their penis compares to others' in the changing room than they are about how their sexual partner thinks it fares.

Having undertaken a study of 738 men aged 18 to 76, Victoria University Doctorate of Clinical Psychology graduate Dr Annabel Chan Feng Yi confirmed that men are far less worried about the condition of both their body and the size of their penis when it comes to sex than they are about getting their kit off in front of other men in changing rooms.

"Men's preoccupation with size was rarely to do with pleasing sexual partners or even appearing as a better sexual partner," she said.

"It was often more about competition with other men. Many felt most insecure about their size in environments where other men might see them, such as gym change rooms."

What's more, the study found that those who felt insecure in front of other men actually said they were perfectly satisfied and confident in their body when it came to getting in the sack with a partner.

Dr Sheri Jacobson from Harley Therapy told the Huffington Post that she felt biology and evolution played an innate role in this - "All these subconscious questions are being asked: are you going to have a successful encounter with another woman or not, who’s the most fit among us in terms of reproductive fitness and so on." In other words, a man comparing the size of his penis with someone else's is rather like him making a comparison of his own virility against theirs.

If it is felt by many - as it would appear to be - that the media is putting pressure on women to worship a perhaps unattainable physical 'perfection', perhaps people should also bear in mind that blokes who seem sexually confident may be harbouring just as many body hang-ups as a result of external pressures.

It could be fair to suggest that they may even be less likely to open up and discuss these problems than women are. "There is clearly a need to provide more research-based training for clinicians working in this field and public awareness to demystify and destigmatise the topic of male body image," Dr Chan continued.

However, at the end of the day, it is a sexual partner who will be getting up close and personal with a man's nether regions and - luckily - size matters far less in this department than many people may think.

Sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox makes light of that fact, categorically telling the Huffington Post: "If you are worried about penis size, you should know that most women learn very quickly, that if a guy has a big penis he’s not going to be much good at sex because he thinks that's enough and he doesn't need to try."