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increase testosterone

If someone is aggressive, we blame it on testosterone. If someone takes more risk than others, the case is again associated with testosterone and if someone is lacking in sexual prowess, the reason again is said to be the same. It is probably the least understood hormone in the male body.

Although there is no doubt that testosterone is an important male hormone, it is not responsible for every behavioral change. It is closely related to sexual energies but you need to make sure that optimal levels are maintained only with natural and herbal ingredients and not drugs.

Optimal levels of this ultimate male hormone are actually associated with better bone health, memory, energy, concentration, red blood cell production, motivation, optimism, fat loss and muscle building.

Here are few foods that can help you stimulate the production without causing side effects.

  • Legend says that Casanova was a big fan of oysters and used to eat a bowl full of them everyday. While we don’t really know of Casanova, oysters are actually amazing stimulators of testosterone due to high zinc value. Including oysters in your diet will certainly increase testosterone levels in the body.
  • Not many men are fond of garlic in their food but now you actually have a reason to include it. According to a research in Japan, when garlic is consumed with high protein diet for over a month, it can help increase testosterone significantly.
  • Certain nuts including almonds and brazil nuts also help with their high quality omega 3 fatty acids and many minerals.
  • Myths say that banana can increase size of penis but we are not sure of that claim. But what we are sure of is the fact that bananas are loaded with B-vitamins and can promote blood circulation for better testosterone production.
  • Researches have also highlighted the benefits of eggs in men withy low testosterone levels too. Vitamin D is the key nutrient here helpful in testosterone synthesis.

Are supplement choices also helpful?

Regular intake of these foods is not easy for many men and that’s where they start looking for supplements. But can you really use capsules to increase testosterone levels?

It is possible only when you can get a blend of only natural ingredients. Choose a dietary supplement, something like Testrogain Testosterone Supplement, which offers you optimal levels of zinc along with essential vitamins and minerals. The inclusion of herbs like saw palmetto and soy bean will be an added advantage here.