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What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a vital hormone that is produced in both men and women, however more significant in men. Often referred to as the male sex hormone, it is a part of a class of androgens. In men, it is largely produced in the testes and its production is regulated by hypothalamus (portion in brains) and pituitary glands.

Why is this hormone considered so much more significant in men?

Its abundant presence is important for sexual and reproductive development. When puberty hits a man, it is responsible for the development of his sex organs in combination with triggering his desire for sex. What’s more, it also results in the development of his secondary sex characteristics. These characteristics include the deepening of his voice, growth of hair on his chest, face and elsewhere on his body. Not only this though, this male sex hormone is also responsible for increasing bone mass and building up his muscles.

Low Testosterone Levels

Considering its utmost significance in the male body, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out that a lack of it can adversely affect a man’s sexual function.

As specified above, this hormone is produced in the testes and an interrupted production of this hormone may result in its decrease. Low testosterone usually is caused as a result of growing age. It is known that as a man hits age 30, each year from then on, at least a percent of this hormone in his body declines. But when exactly is the decline in the level of this hormone troublesome?

Low testosterone is a medical condition otherwise known as hypogonadism. It is a condition whereby the count of this vital hormone drops below 300 nanogram per decilitre and is usually accompanied by the symptoms of reduced drive for sex (low libido) and reduced sexual stamina. Some other symptoms triggered due to this condition may include, fatigue, lack of concentration, decreased muscle mass and prolonged depression.

Fortunately though, there are several treatments available, in form of testosterone pills, gels, patches, etc., that can help boost the level of this essential hormone in the male body.

Treatments For Low Testosterone

If low testosterone is the reason behind low libido in you and therefore, is hampering your otherwise pleasurable and satisfying sexual life, you need not worry further as there are various effective treatments available that can prove to be effective testosterone boosters.

While there may be a lot of such treatments out there, choosing the most appropriate one depends on the treatment’s effectiveness and most importantly, the risks it bear (if any). Considering such basic concerns of the intended customers, we here at sexualperformancetotal.com offer a product that is deemed to be a thorough solution for boosting the level of this male sex hormone.

Testrogain is a productive dietary supplement available in the form of testosterone pills. The effectiveness of this product also lies in its potent, natural formulation, which works to achieve the ultimate aim of boosted level of this vital hormone thereby, reversing the problems caused by a lack of it. What’s more? Testrogain is safe to consume however, those suffering with chronic medical conditions especially prostate problems, should avoid using this product.

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