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G-spot mystery decoded:

There is a lot said and spoken about g-spot, a mysterious area in a woman’s body wherein the secret to sensual pleasure lies. It is similar to the male prostate region which is known to induce pleasure and secretes similar fluid which is known to all as semen. The g-spot is an area, a quarter in size, on the inside, top side of the vaginal wall. Sometimes it becomes difficult to locate it, but when a woman is sexually aroused this region becomes filled with fluids, thus becoming more prominent. It is a source of deep, passionate pleasure when felt, making it a source of natural remedies for sex drive.

While some women enjoy g-spot stimulation through direct pressure on it, others enjoy wide penetration which stretches the vaginal walls as this provides a rubbing sensation against it. Some women are not as sensitive to the sensation in g-spot as others and may even prefer clitoral stimulation to achieve sexual stimulation. The g-spot can also ejaculate during orgasm and may squirt or gush out like prostate in men. This is also called female ejaculation. But the truth is that female ejaculation does not exist. The fluid can get mixed with urine and both come out together. It can also come out by itself which is why there are many myths circulated about it.

Is g-spot present in all women?

All women have a g-spot, the only difference being some have thinner tissue there, others have thicker tissue. Those with thicker tissue display greater pleasure when it is stimulated and find it easier to have a g-spot orgasm.

When you observe a woman as a whole, you will be able to view her sexual functioning more clearly. While all women have g-spot, the sensitivity of the area, the mass of the tissue in front of it, and the size of those glands, is variable. If a woman is unable to find stimulation with g-spot, then she can depend on clitoral stimulation.

G-spot stimulation techniques:

  • By using fingers: It is easier to locate g-spot when you use your fingers, taking care of the pressure you apply in the area, rather than resorting to superficial rubbing. Moving fingers into the g-spot can help experience enhanced sexual pleasure and intensify orgasms. The most common way to stimulate g-spot is to use the ‘come here’ motion.
  • Through intercourse: A lot of factors play a role in helping a woman achieve orgasm during intercourse, so it’s not just limited to g-spot. The level of arousal, position, penis shape and size, vaginal shape and size, and the sensitivity of g-spot stimulation, are factors which help a woman in heightening her sexual experience. Sex positions which put pressure on the g-spot help stimulate the sex organ and aid in overall pleasurable experience.
  • By using stimulation aids: By aids, we don’t just mean sex toys. We mean sexual supplements which can help deal with sexual inadequacies such as low libido due to lack of stimulation. You may have noticed and read the Provestra reviews, which clearly state the kind of product it is. This doctor-endorsed supplement contains natural nutrients and herbal extracts which help experience intense sensations during sexual encounters. A rich source of Vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12 and herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana, Korean Ginseng and more, Provestra intends to promote overall reproductive health in women. It also intends to provide natural lubrication support along with better arousal and sensitivity to touch.

Provestra helps deal with conditions such as hormonal imbalances in women going through menopause or who have just given birth to baby, low sex drive, sexual dysfunction, nutritional deficiency, side-effects of prescription drugs, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). While essential nutrients promote overall health, the herbal extracts promote blood circulation to reproductive organs. The natural supplement contains no fillers, binders or artificial preservatives which can cause harm to your body.