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Jes Extender benefits

Jes Extender is a penis enlargement extender device that has benefitted about over a quarter million men since its invention in the year 1995. This product though originally manufactured as a post-operative treatment for those who underwent phalloplasty (surgery to increase penile length and girth), gained massive popularity for its alleged efficiency in further enhancing the size of penis of all those men who wore it.

In addition to increasing penis dimensions, it can also help those affected with Peyronei’s disease. Best part? This product can be worn discreetly for hours at end, thereby keeping your enlargement process a complete secret from the people around.

The range of Jes Extender solutions include high-end devices made of supreme quality materials and contain various advanced spare parts and accessories to provide with all the comfort you need. All of these extenders use traction force, which is scientifically backed for efficacy and safety, to provide you with the desired benefits of male enhancement. While they all are high quality extenders, one of these may interest you more than the other on the basis of the varying metals they are made of and the additional support accessories they come with. Read below to know more about the same.

Jes Extender Light- As the name suggests, this extender is a light-weight product, which therefore, can be worn comfortably to provide you with enlargement sessions all day long. This entry level product comes with comfort straps and instructional DVD.

Jes Extender Gold- What makes this extender so special is the fact that it is coated in 24 carat gold! Fascinating design of this extender, its mahogany case and the spare parts kit are a few additional attractive features that make it one of the most coveted extenders.

Jes Extender Titanium-Made from real titanium, the attention grabbing feature of this extender is the appealing aluminium-finish case it comes in. Moreover, it comes with a set of adjustment keys to provide you control over the amount of traction.

Jes Extender Silver-Informally regarded as the ultimate luxurious male enhancement device, this extender is coated in sterling silver. It comes with a few useful spares such as cohesive gauge, adjustment keys and softattach for maximum user experience.

As you may have understood by now, the above mentioned variants of Jes Extender differ from one another only on the basis of the different kind of metals used in their manufacturing. The sexual benefits offered by them are all the same and include:

  • Use of traction force to enhance penis length and girth.
  • All of these can be worn for extended number of hours.
  • They all strive to provide you with boosted erection strength.
  • They all help in correcting mild penile curvatures (Peyronei’s disease).

Simply put, these male extender devices strive to enhance the overall potential and size of your penis and therefore, using one of these extenders to improve penis health can definitely be a good idea.