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tips for perfect sex

The idea of perfect sex usually remains housed in minds and hardly becomes an experience. Personal insecurities, poor body image, performance anxiety, and many other factors can make sex a struggle instead. These 7 tips can help you experience the sexual life you always dreamt.

Talk to her

Get your sexual expectations out of your head and tell her about them all. Implementing the shared fantasies can get you experience some explosive rounds of sexual pleasure.

Setting the mood

There is nothing more arousing to a man than a fully aroused partner and to bring out the best in your partner, it is important that you lay the groundwork by setting up the scene. Surprise her, light some scented candles, put on some soft soothing music, buy her the dress she had her eyes on from a long time and ask her to slip it on. Have some sex foods (aphrodisiac) in a small-course dinner and let the emotions flow. These are conventional techniques that hardly fail to win her heart but you can always try some of your own favourites to get her feeling awesome and sexy.

Enjoy the sensations

Lose yourself in enjoying the pleasurable sensations during sex. The world of today has left hardly anyone stress-free and all-time dandy. Stress restricts you from being in the moment and so does performance anxiety. Cutting back on both these psychological hindrances gets your mind rid of inner chatter and creates space to allow you to feel the pleasure from sexual sensations. Body massages, synchronized breathing, and constant eye-gazing can keep you alive in the moment. Just silence your mind, send the inner conflicts to a far off land and focus on pleasurable sensations.

Planning does not make you boring

Getting aroused while driving with your partner in the countryside and pulling over near an abandoned hut to have a steamy nail clawing sexual adventure is dreamy for sure but, hardly translates into real life. Seriously speaking, scheduling your sex and doing some serious planning in advance can definitely work in your favour and give you all the time to get things just right.

Clear out all the probable turn-offs

Besides putting your work stress or, any other stress in the back seat, it is important that you do some risk management by clearing out all the possibilities that could go wrong in the middle of the act. Women do not generally like to hunt for penis through the bush so keep the hair trimmed or shave completely. Also, if you have had a long day in tight pants or, have come from a rigorous workout session, wash your penis properly to get it rid of excess dirt, sweat and bad odour. For instant help, you can also take help of groin deodorant solutions such as Velv’Or Manhood Penis Refresh, which is formulated especially to get your penis sex ready, fresh, and pleasant smelling in just a few sprays.

Don't let your fun end in something you don't want- an unplanned pregnancy

No matter how intense your adrenaline rush is, always remember to put the thing on before starting the act of penetration. Condoms are called protection not only because it prevents an un-planned pregnancy but, also because it keeps you and your partner protected from STIs and other common infections so, use it.

For those who like to go anal

It is said that men enjoy anal sex more than they enjoy vaginal sex mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, anal penetration involves prostate stimulation, which gives men great orgasms and secondly, because rectum and anal opening are much tighter than the vaginal opening and thus make penetration an intensely pleasurable process for men. However, your partner may always be concerned about the hygiene of your rectum. Therefore, to ensure anal fun without any worries about any mess getting in the way, be sure to douche your lower colon and rectum before having anal sex. One of the high-quality, effective douche systems on market is Bathmate Hydrodouche, which can provide you with thorough cleansing benefits easily.