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Just as a penis size is believed to be synonymous with male virility, breasts in a woman are deemed to be a reflection of her confidence and femininity and therefore, women who feel their body shape is being compromised because of the way their breasts look, or, wish to reconstruct their breasts after undergoing mastectomy for breast cancer, resort to getting them improved surgically.

This surgery called Breast augmentation, which delivers quick results, can be performed with any of the two types of breast implants that are Silicone and Saline implants. So, if you too are amongst many of those women who wish to improve their breasts for either cosmetic or medical reasons through breast enhancement surgery, read further to know more about the types of breast implants that you can opt from.

Saline Implants

Saline implants refer to strong, silicone shells that are filled with sterile solution of salt water. These implants can either be pre-filled or can be filled through a valve once they are inserted into breast and placed appropriately.


  • Regarded by many as a safer choice
  • In case of implant rupture, the saline fluids, which are similar to bodily fluids, get easily absorbed in to the tissue or get excreted out of body


  • Some say these implants do not give the real feel and look
  • These implants are only available in round and non-anatomical shapes
  • May rupture with deflation perhaps at an earlier stage
  • More prone to wrinkling and folding as compared to other implants

Silicone Implants

Also known as silicone gel implants, these implants are pre-filled with silicone gel- a thick, pliable (flexible) substance which may vary in its firmness and consistency but closely resembles the feel of human fatty tissue.


  • Less likely to wrinkle or fold in comparison with the other implant
  • Available in round and anatomical shapes
  • Being a soft and supple substance, it provides with a natural feel and appearance


  • Ruptures in silicone implants are silent, meaning they are not easily noticeable as the appearance of the breasts remains more or less the same post rupture and therefore, a rupture can be detected only through MRI
  • On rupture, the leaking fluid stays in the body but sometimes may spill outside the breast and travel to the distant lymph nodes

While both the implants have a long history of safe use and provide with quick results, their significant cons cannot be overlooked either. Besides the above mentioned cons associated with these implants, there are certain potential risks, such as capsular contracture, infection, pain and nerve damage, which are present in both implants.

And in order to cut down on these risks, most women who wish to enlarge breasts for cosmetic reasons, look for alternative, effective yet safe to use breast enlargement solutions. There are very many natural breast enlargement products available on market and out of the various; CC Fabulous breast enlargement pills and Total Curve are two effective natural supplements that provide you with essential natural ingredients to enhance the appearance and size of your breasts along with keeping the safety quotient intact.