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vaginal dryness causes

Dryness is particularly common during the menopause

However, a reduction in the amount of moisture made by the cervix or these glands can be a real problem since it can make the vagina thinner and less elastic, while also causing pain or discomfort during sex.

There can be a number of reasons why this occurs, but one of the most common is a drop in levels of the hormone oestrogen, which often occurs during pregnancy or when a woman is going through the menopause.

In fact, the NHS believes that vaginal dryness affects more than half of 51 to 60 year olds, with roughly a quarter of women aged between 50 and 59 experiencing dryness during intercourse.

Some women will also experience dryness if they're very stressed or are struggling with feelings of guilt and anxiety, while it is also thought that the chemicals used in swimming pools and hot tubs could also contribute to this problem.

Similarly, it could also be that the hygiene products or washing powder you are using are having an effect on the production of moisture from the cervix.

If you're suffering from vaginal dryness during sex, then the problem may well stem from a lack of foreplay or not feeling very aroused, while relationship troubles may also play a part in this case.

The important thing to remember that is whatever is causing the problem, there will be a treatment that can help you and worrying excessively may only make the issue worse.

So rather than panicking about the situation, it's far better to take a step back and try to identify the cause and then take the time to work out the best treatment option for you.