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Vaginal problems post child birth

The vagina is a sensitive female organ and requires the utmost care. If it’s not maintained properly, it can very easily fall prey to problems such as irritation, infections and vagina pain. However, these are not the only common vaginal problems that exist. Problems relating to changes in the appearance and feel of the vagina post giving birth, are equally bothersome and can adversely affect a woman’s sex life.

During child birth, your baby travels through cervix and comes out through your vagina, which is also known as birth canal. However, in order for the baby to come out through vagina, the vaginal opening must stretch to aid baby’s arrival. Therefore, post birth, women experience some usual yet unpleasant changes that include a loosened, drier and sore area.

A Looser, wider Vagina

Talking specifically about widening of vagina post child-birth, it is not unusual for women to find out the appearance of their vagina to be different from what it used to be prior to giving birth. Post child birth, the vagina becomes much looser, softer, less elastic and wider. Along with these changes in vaginal appearance, it may also appear bruised and swollen. While the swelling and extreme openness start to reduce a few days after giving birth, the organ does not really go back to its pre-birth form and therefore, may eventually hamper your future sexual experiences in some way.

Fortunately though, there are certain products available that can help you in increasing the grip and tightness of your vagina along with providing certain additional benefits. A couple of such effective products are:


ViaTight Gel is a potent blend of effective herbal ingredients. These ingredients improve vaginal tightness and grip providing more pleasurable sexual experiences, it also works as an effective and a condom compatible lubrication. What’s more? It also aids in boosting your libido level and electrifying sexual response by increasing sensitivity in your genitalia.

Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel

A product of the popular Intimate Organics, this gel works as an instant vaginal tightening solution. Formulated with certified organic ingredients, Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel strengthens your vaginal wall. The desired benefits of a tightened and lubricated vagina though temporary, are perfectly adequate to spice up your sexual experience.

2Seduce Female Tightening Gel

This product is an effective solution that can help restore sexual vitality in women. This gel effectively aids in tightening the grip of vaginal muscles and improving their elasticity to make your sexual encounters more enjoyable. 2Seduce Female Tightening Gel may also provide you with additional benefits such as an increased control over orgasms, enhanced sensitivity in genitalia and may even relieve you of vaginal dryness and its related problems.