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best vaginal tightening gels in UK

Vaginoplasty is the surgical method employed to restore vaginal tightness and shape, which can get distorted over time. It involves removal of stretched vaginal tissue, tightening of the vagina, and tightening of the vaginal opening. The stretching of vaginal tissue can occur due to childbirth and take away the pleasure of sexual intercourse. During the process, excess vaginal lining is removed and muscles are tightened.

Vaginal tightening surgery helps reduce the diameter of the vagina, and also decreases the size of the opening. This method is usually the last resort when age, childbirth and kegel exercises have not worked and sexual intercourse does not seem to be like before. But you must note that tightening of vaginal canal does not guarantee a great sex session.

What to deal with post surgery?

After vaginoplasty, you are likely to experience bruising, swelling, and slight discomfort in the genital region. Swelling and bruising is more noticeable after the first day and will reduce gradually within a period of 2-3 weeks. After the surgery, you may have packed left inside which needs to be removed the next day. Also avoid sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks to allow the wounds to heal and to avoid any injury to the vagina. To clean the area for the next week, you should use nothing but plain water. With dissolvable stitches, you don’t have to worry about getting them removed.

Risks of vaginal surgery:

Bleeding, infection, and breakage of stitches post surgery can lead to the opening of wounds. In some cases, injury can also occur in deep layers of the vagina. When this occurs, you may need additional surgery to rectify it.

Laser vaginal tightening:

This method uses special laser to strengthen the vaginal wall. The laser is just a tool used during surgery and the final outcome does not entirely depend on the laser, but on the surgeon performing the surgery.

Is it possible to revive vagina without surgery and laser?

Loose vagina is undesirable for women and unattractive for men as neither can experience satisfaction during sex. The loss of vaginal sensation which occurs with a loose vagina can be a dampener to sexual life and even hamper the relationship between couples. Hence, it is necessary to take measures to make vagina tighter to gain back self-confidence in bed as well in general. There is a whole world of remedies available before you jump to the conclusion that only surgery can resolve your woes.

Most women who seriously contemplating tightening of their vagina must think of natural treatment methods which include use of the best vaginal tightening gels in UK. These are not only effective but harmless and carry minimal risk. Once you know the ingredients and their functioning, you have less to fear, unlike surgery. Using these topical solutions also makes you independent and you don’t have to depend on a surgeon to rectify your vaginal disfigurement. Intimate Organics Embrace Tightening Pleasure Gel UK can help you experience contracting effect with its herbal and certified organic ingredients.

Ingredients such as capsicum, carrot, goji, aloe, almond and sunflower oil, aid in temporary tightening of vaginal walls, allowing you to experience greater pleasure during penetration. Without chemicals such as parabens, DEA, and alum which can increase the incidence of vaginal irritation, this gel can serve the purpose for women who experience a loose vagina as a result of childbirth. It is an ideal choice for couples seeking quick solution which works faster and does not need you to invest much money. Using some natural herbs, the formula helps you to reclaim your sex life with better strength and warmth in the vaginal region.

By using natural method, the following questions in your mind can be erased as they don’t carry the risks associated with surgical method:

  • Will I be able to conceive again?
  • Will the solution affect clitoral stimulation?
  • Can my partner know if I have used the solution or not?