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A Loose Vagina

Indulging in sexual acts with a loose vagina can be a major turn-off for both, you and your partner as it would not provide the arousing and sensational resistance to your partner’s member when it is penetrated into your lady parts. However what is relieving to know is that there are several vaginal tightening solutions out there. But before we go onto discussing about such solutions, it is important to know about the factors that cause the vagina to become loose in the first place. Also, knowing the causes can be the first step towards choosing the appropriate treatment.

What Causes It To Become Loose?

Hormonal Changes: Especially as menopause gets closer, hormone production becomes erratic and eventually stops and as your ovaries stop producing oestrogen and progesterone hormones, your vagina becomes drier and its lining becomes less elastic as it is the hormones that maintain the moistness of your organ and thickness of its lining.

Childbirth: Vaginal changes are bound to take place post childbirth. It is because when you give birth naturally, your baby travels through the cervix and comes out through the birth canal and at this time your vaginal entrance stretches to let the baby pass through. The stretching of the organ thereby, leads to its sagginess. Therefore, it is not uncommon for women who give birth naturally to feel soreness and experience their original firmness become loose and wide.

Though the swelling and openness of your lady parts gradually eliminates a few days post childbirth, you may never be able to get it back in its previously tight form. The good news however is, there are vaginal tightening treatments that can tighten up the grip of your organ.

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Ways to Tighten the Vagina

If the looseness of your vagina is the cause behind your disrupted sexual life, worry no more as there are ways that can help you firm it up. Some of the potential vaginal tightening treatments include:

Pelvic Floor Exercises: Some factors like pregnancy, childbirth, growing age and obesity can lead to the weakening of pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, exercising them out can not only will help re-establish your vaginal firmness but will also benefit you if you suffer from urinary or faecal incontinence.

Over-the-counter treatments: There are various vaginal tightening treatments available chiefly in the form of ointments. Some effective treatments can even provide you with instant results.

Treatments That We Offer

At sexualperformancetotal.com, you will find a selection of vaginal tightening gels that are naturally formulated. Containing the goodness of certain female sexual enhancing natural ingredients, all of these gels in addition to providing with firmness in vaginal grip, provide with certain additional benefits. If there is one product that holds potential to cure vaginal dryness, there is this another one that increases clitoral stimulation to make sex more pleasurable for you. Simply put, you can choose any one from the range of such vaginal tightening gels and can avail even additional sexual benefits along with reaping from their vaginal tightening properties.

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