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What is Viaman Viper?

Packed with an all-new natural formula, Viaman Viper can help men improve sexual performance and last longer in bed. This sexual supplement is another powerful addition to the Viaman family that has already given you the male enhancement formula and effective delay ejaculation solutions. This new advanced formula can help your m performance during sexual sessions. This is to date one of the most powerful natural formulas on the market. The blend of natural ingredients used in Viaman Viper puts a positive effect on your hormonal balance and improves blood circulation to the genital area and the nervous system.

How long does it take until I see results?

Viaman Viper supplement uses only a selected number of nutrients that work in harmony with your body functions and stimulates its sexual system to respond in the best way possible. Compared to other products, this natural formula enables it to work as fast. Most users have reported success after 30 minutes of use. As it is a natural supplement, the time it takes to experience results, may vary from individual to individual.

How do I take these tablets?

Just take one tablet around 30 minutes before going to bed with your partner and you’re all set. Viaman Viper supplement is the discreet way to aid your sexual health and erectile function.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Any man above 18 and in need for an aid to enrich their sexual performance can use the power of these natural Viaman Viper tablets. As its effective ingredients help you achieve firm erections and provide you adequate stamina.

What are the ingredients?

Viaman Viper uses all natural vitamins and minerals that help you get most out of sex. Here is what they are:

Anti caking agents: E341, E570, E572, E551; Filling agent: E460; 112.5mg Magensium (Magnesium Oxide) (30% RDA*); Thickening Agent: E468; Coating agents: (hydroxypropylcellulose; colours: Titanium dioxide, E133 (carrier:Triacetin); Hydroxypropylcellulose; Carnauba wax, Talc E553b; 0.42mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) (30% RDA*); 0.33mg Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL) (30% RDA*); 15 µg Biotin (B8, D-Biotin) (30% RDA*); 0.75 µg Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) (30% RDA*). *RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances. We recommend that you check all the ingredients to ensure that you are not allergic to any of them.

Are there any side effects?

While making Viaman Viper pills, the thought of ensuring your safety and health was the first thing to consider. This is the reason no harmful drugs have been used and only natural ingredients go into its manufacture. Although it is safe, users are advised to check its box for the ingredients used in order to ensure they don’t experience unwanted personal allergic reactions.