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Vigorelle™ Cream 

(4 Customer Reviews)

Vigorelle Cream is a female enhancement cream to improve sexual response and sensitivity. It works naturally by lubricating intimate parts for intense intercourse. Heightened intercourse experience and powerful orgasms are the benefits of using this cream before sexual activity.

  • Helps increase arousal and sensitivity
  • Stimulates clitoris with better blood flow
  • Keeps you warm and lubricated down there
  • Improves sensitivity to touch, making you more responsive
  • Helps boost orgasm intensity
  • Plain packing and discreet delivery

It’s easy to use, made with herbal ingredients and gets to work almost instantly. Get your Vigorelle cream delivered discreetly and quickly with SexualPerformanceTotal by choosing ‘Add to Basket’.

What is Vigorelle Cream?

It is a female enhancement cream which comes in the form of a soft, silky and smooth gel, used to increase sexual desires. Made from a combination of potent herbs and natural ingredients, this cream is intended to help you become more receptive to sex.

The blend of natural ingredients works to increase clitoral sensitivity and arousal to enhance sexual desire. Vigorelle Cream can help you overcome most symptoms of female sexual dysfunction and help bring back the lost lust for your sex life.

What can this gel do for me?

Vigorelle Cream for women can change your outlook about sex by increasing your receptiveness to touch. It works as a natural sexual enhancer to help improve and increase your sexual appetite. A problem that many women face is vaginal dryness.

It works to eliminate this problem by acting as a personal lubricant so that you can enjoy sexual advances with increased enthusiasm. By making you become more receptive to sexual advances and touch, Vigorelle Cream may help you experience intense orgasms and thus improve the quality of your sex.

How does it work?

A potent blend of natural ingredients works with the bodily processes to help increase sensitivity during sex by enhancing sexual desire with personal lubrication. Vigorelle Cream helps you to enjoy intercourse by easing the effects of medications, stresses and health challenges. With the presence of herbs such as damiana leaf, suma root, wild yam and more, it intends to increase your libido, sexual energy and also sexual confidence.

How do I use Vigorelle Gel?

It is easy to apply and use this clitoral stimulation cream. All you need to do is simply apply a small amount on the area below the clitoris with your fingertips. Once you apply Vigorelle Cream, you can see that it gets absorbed quickly and you can feel a tingling sensation in your intimate region.

Is it safe to use?

Since it is made up of 100% natural ingredients, there are no known side effects that may occur with the use of this female enhancement cream. But it is always advised to check for allergic reactions before using the Vigorelle cream. This water-based vaginal sexual lubricant is absorbed into skin quickly, so that you experience hassle-free sex fast.

How do I order my Vigorelle Cream in UK?

All you need to do is place an order before 4pm on any working day to get this lubricant for sexual freedom delivered to you the next day. We deliver Vigorelle cream in plain packages without any mention of the products.

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Harriet S says:

This gel is incredible. It’s like this instant turn on cream, almost as though someone is flicking a switch. I cannot get enough of it at all.

Jo K says:

I often struggled to reach orgasm, even though I love my partner desperately. He knew what was going on and started to think he was doing something wrong. I tried itthough, and all those problems are a thing of the past. I am just so incredibly sensitive that he literally just touches me and I orgasm. It’s incredible.

Kelly H says:

I often had to fake orgasms just to keep my boyfriend happy, no point in us both suffering right. My GP suggested Vigorelle before meds, and seeing as its natural I thought I would give it a shot. It worked wonders. Everything and all the feelings I usually had are magnified by ten when I use it.

Linda says:

I was really down when it came to thinking or indulging in sex. My partner then got hold of this product which changed my sexual status – both mentally and physically.