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  • Vimax Vimax
  • Vimax permanent size improvements Vimax permanent size improvements
  • Vimax improves libido and readiness Vimax improves libido and readiness
  • Vimax permanent size improvements
  • Vimax improves libido and readiness



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What are Vimax pills?

This intensive strength formula has been devised to offer multiple benefits at a time. When taken as daily supplement, Vimax pills offer assistance of herbal ingredients that help promote size by helping to support blood circulation within the genitals and the entire body.

Furthermore, these pills also improve libido and readiness to indulge with your partner. With regular use of Vimax can help increase in sexual reaction and stamina in bed.

How will it affect your body?

There are possibly many other herbal male enlargement products on market but Vimax penis pills have a completely different combination of ingredients. Ginseng and hawthorn berry extracts are the common ingredients that are know to help improve blood flow. During the course of time, these ingredients push and stretch vessels to create new cells.

However, this food supplement also offers you other unique elements such as Epimedium Sagittatum, Cayenne pepper and Saw Palmetto. The combination of these herbal extracts help improve erection strength in the short-term whilst also dealing with mental aspects of sexual response. Libido, readiness and stamina are supported during the course of time.

Side effects of Vimax pills

There are no known risks of side effects for Vimax pills. However, if you have any allergies or sensitivities with any of the ingredients, consult with a doctor first.

Do not increase the suggested Vimax dose of the supplement and do not mix with any other prescription drugs. Also talk to your healthcare professional if you are suffering from a chronic illness or prostate issues.

Are the results quick?

A lot of people ask if Vimax for men can offer overnight or weekly results. Unfortunately, herbal enlargement supplements don’t work that way. They basically improve bodily conditions to boost blood flow and others influence other important sexual functions. Unlike chemical products, they do not push your body to extremes.

In the initial month of use, you can experience better libido, increased power and stamina. In the coming weeks, the improvement in size should be visible. Things will further improve beyond 12 weeks of use.

How to take the supplement?

You should ideally take one Vimax cap daily with plenty of water. The dosage can be supported with a balanced diet and you should also avoid smoking and other unhealthy habits.

Is there a way to save more money on Vimax herbal supplements?

You can buy Vimax online in the UK with us and save up to 28% on multipack orders. We pack all our orders in plain and discreet packaging and do not mention the detail of your products or the website either.

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I've used creams in the past but the results were'nt half as good as they are with Vimax. No permanent growth yet but when I'm hard I'm much bigger

WOW! Within a few months I found myself bigger and powerful, great product. I would definitely recommend

My boyfriend didn’t say but I knew he had certain issues with size. I decided to give him Vimax. Sexual Performance Total was an obvious choice. Just the second week of use so giving only 3 points.

It was embarrassing to admit that I fell in the below average category with my manhood. But was too scared to get a surgery, provided the risks which come with it. Enhancement pills were not my first consideration but this natural supplement attracted me due to its contents. I’m happy with the results too.