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Improve vaginal lubrication

Dryness in the vagina can be uncomfortable but the worst happens when it impairs your sexual function. It is a well-known fact that wetness down there triggered due to sexual stimulation is essential to experience smooth sexual friction and intensified pleasure. Therefore, it goes unsaid that a lack of wetness (natural lubrication) results in rough friction that can result in painful sex, which can eventually develop in to an aversion to sex.

Vaginal dryness or insufficient vaginal lubrication is mainly a result of fluctuating hormone levels, which causes the female essential hormone-oestrogen levels to decrease. It is the adequate levels of the oestrogen hormone that keep your vagina naturally lubricated and maintain its elasticity. However, at certain phases such as menopause, premenopausal, post childbirth and, during breastfeeding, oestrogen production reduces thereby, triggering vaginal issues. In addition, uncontrolled levels of stress are also responsible for any hormonal imbalance caused.

Therefore, since private parts are integral to sexual fun, it is important you take special care of them. While it is natural for hormonal imbalance to occur at phases such as the ones mentioned above, there are many ways you can still keep your vagina sexually fit and these ways are diet oriented tips that can be super effective. Read further to learn more about certain nutrients that must be made a part of a regular diet in order to keep the vagina lubricated naturally.

Vitamin E- This particular vitamin can be your vagina’s best healing friend. It is well-known for its ability to repair damaged skin tissues and to reinstate the lost moisture of skin cells. Simply crack open a Vitamin E capsule and apply the oil directly to your vagina at bedtime to get rid of dryness issues. Besides naturally moistening your vagina, vitamin E also soothes your vaginal lining and keeps it hydrated.

Zinc- Incorporating enough zinc to your daily diet can provide multiple health benefits, a couple of which include boosted immune defences and protected vaginal tissues. However, be sure not to consume too much of it as consuming zinc more than the daily recommended dosage (which lies anywhere between 9 and 11mg), can set off a medical condition called zinc toxicity.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil can help ease most symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness. It is also highly used for its anti-bacterial and soothing properties, both of which can work immensely well for your overall vaginal health.

Fenugreek- Fenugreek can help treat various female sexual issues easily. It helps improve oestrogen production thereby, treating vaginal health naturally. However, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should opt against consuming fenugreek.

While most of the above-mentioned are natural dietary options that can help improve vaginal lubrication naturally, there are also certain lifestyle oriented vices that you should completely avoid. One of the bad habits that’s top of the list when it comes to vaginal health killers is smoking.

Smoking- If cancer does not sound deadly enough for you to quit smoking then how about the fact that it can also potentially trigger sexual dysfunction in you? Smoking can worsen vaginal dryness immensely as it restricts the flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood in your system and as sufficient blood does not reach vagina, it deprives the vagina of essential nutrients that are essential for its good health and lubrication.

How about trying lubricant products?

There are various lubricants available on market that can help enhance sexual pleasure by providing your vagina with sufficient moistness. One of such products is KY Jelly lubricant for females, which is effective water-based formula that alongside providing with desired benefits, is condom compatible and can also be used with sex toys!