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Low female sex drive or low libido in women is a common sight, however it isn't so common in men. In a survey carried out by the American Medical Association, it is thought that several million women in the US and many more worldwide suffer from Female Sexual Arousal Disorder otherwise known as FSAD. For man women this is just a temporary issue and they find their sexual libido after time but unfortunately a lot of women find that this is a permanent problem. This unfortunate condition is for many a part of life and they will suffer in silence, thankfully there are many natural female sex drive products available to help you overcome your problem.

For many women, it isn't the case of them not being able to sustain an orgasm, more so the desire or the willingness to perform sexual activities. They simply aren't 'turned on' by sex anymore. Some women find the problem temporary, this could be due to stresses or an illness however for those cases were its more serious, help is at hand. There isn't one cause to low libido in women, it could spur from one of many things, or indeed or a combination of factors.

The main causes to low sexual libido could be either psychological or physical. Pshychological factors include previous negative sexual encounters such as rape or sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, stress, lowered interest in your partner, living conditions, or a host of other factors. These factors are more than skin deep, they shape us o be who we are and this could be the root of your sexual problems. If you're able to locate the source of the problem, you may be able to solve it too. Physical factors include. Post pregnancy and not feeling up for it, hormone abnormalities, prescription drugs, over consumption of alcohol, and anaemia among others. Menopause isn't necessarily a cause of low female sex drive; in fact many older women find that they feel a lot sexier later in life.

Low female libido can play havoc with a woman and her relationship with her partner. Just because she doesn't want to have sex, doesn't mean her partner feels the same and it has been known to cause disputes and relationship problems alike. Female sex drive isn't just affected by these factors, it can be anything and there isn't a number to say if a woman's sex drive is above or below an 'average'. It varies with every woman and every relationship. For permanent sufferers there are products available such as Viafem and hersolution gel that help women overcome this problem.