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common sexually transmitted diseases in UK

Sexually transmitted diseases are feared for obvious reasons. They can cause really serious problems and some of them are actually fatal. Did you know that around 499 million people get infected with different viruses? But the problem is that we spend a lot of time looking into the treatment options rather than prevention methods for sexually transmitted infections in UK.

Today we bring you the prevention options that can offer better protection against most types of infections.


Though not many men and women believe that education and awareness can play any role in prevention, it is actually one of the most critical things. Just reading basic stuff about the viruses, bacteria and parasites will help you learn a lot and will also give insights on how to prevent them.

Try to gather info on HIV, gonococcal infection, hlamydial infections, genital warts, donovanosis, cervical cancer and so on.


The rule says that you cannot really transfer the infection or get infected with STIs until you get intimate with anyone. Sexual abstinence is indeed your first line of defense against microorganisms but in real world it is difficult to practice.

So we will just advice you to abstain from any kind of sexual activity if you suspect infection. Talk to doctor about it and then begin it again. It would also be helpful not to indulge in risky sexual behavior and maintain monogamous relationships as far as possible.


Both male and female condoms are considered as the ultimate protection against common sexually transmitted diseases in UK. Though the protection is not 100%, condoms have saved many men and women from risks that were potentially fatal.

It is not the matter of trust or whether you can take chances with a certain partner but it is always better to be protected than sorry. We recommend keeping the condoms handy. You can by a few extra packets for emergency use.

Homeopathic Alternative Medicine

If you have ever come across products like Herpeset for genital herpes treatment, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand how they can also help you with preventive care too. If you have had unprotected sex recently and there is a chance of getting infection with herpes, a few sprays should be enough for care.

Similarly, you can also look into options like Wartrol wart removal spray. Made to strengthen immunity against HPV, it can potentially improve your ability to ward off the virus naturally.