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Genital Warts are a result of type 6 and 11 of the Human Papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV. Typically genital warts are caught during sexual activities or the use of sex toys. Genital warts are painless but can be distressing to have, unsightly and can cause discomfort. They are fleshy type warts that appear on or around the male and female genital and anus area.

You may think that you have to have penetrative sex to get the virus but you would be mistaken, the HPV virus can be caught through skin-on-skin contact with someone who has the virus. Other ways of catching the virus is through vaginal or anal sex and the sharing of sex toys. In men genital warts can appear on the penis and around the anus, typically they appear under the foreskin or in the urethra. In women the genital warts usually appear in the vulva, the vagina or in the urethra. It can also appear around the anus.

You may think that if you take precautions such as wearing a condom will be enough to protect you but unfortunately wearing a condom isn't enough. Because the entire genital region isn't covered the virus can still spread. The HPV virus can stay dormant for up to a year before showing any signs so you may find yourself confused as to why you have the symptoms but the virus could have been caught well before the signs show up.

Unfortunately the people most susceptible to genital warts are anyone who has sex, or anyone who has unprotected sex with someone who has genital warts. Those who have multiple sexual partners, do not practise safe sex and obviously anyone who has sex with someone who has the virus are at risk of catching the virus. The best way to prevent yourself from catching genital warts is to protect yourself by using both male and female condoms if possible and to be honest with your partner too. Even if it means being blunt and asking them.