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physical causes impotence

There could be physical or psychological factors behind sexual dysfunction

Speaking to NHS Choices, Dr John Tomlinson of The Sexual Advice Association explained that sexual dysfunction in a man is when he's not able to perform properly in the bedroom.

"The main problem is being unable to get an erection," he said." It's much more common than people realise. In the 20-40 age group it affects around seven to eight per cent of men, in the 40-50 age group it affects 11 per cent. In the over-60s it affects 40 per cent, and more than half of men over 70."

Although it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why a man is struggling with impotence, Dr Tomlinson pointed out that there is a range of factors that could be causing this, both physical and psychological.

"Psychological issues tend to affect younger men, such as first night nerves and so on," he said. "Often, these problems don't persist. But there can be more serious psychological problems about sex that need the help of a psychosexual therapist.

Sometimes impotence can be caused by worries outside the bedroom, such as work or money stress, so it is always worth looking at your lifestyle if you're struggling with this problem,

In addition, alcohol, recreational drugs and smoking have also been linked with all forms of sexual dysfunction, so cutting back on drinking and other bad habits can make a real difference.

There are also some prescription drugs that have the same affect, so if you are on medication and suffering from impotence make sure you speak to your doctor as together you may be able to come up with a simple solution.

Quick Fact- Did you know just as there is Impotence whereby an erection does not occur, there also exists a condition called Priapism whereby a painful erection stays for prolonged hours.