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infertility in men

Fertility is not just a ‘woman’s problem’ as is usually thought as one third of fertility problems across the world are caused due to male partners. In fact, infertility in a man could be the sole reason that a couple is unable to conceive and it may simply enhance the difficulties of his partner to conceive. So it is as well that men along with women get fertility test done. Early testing can even help prevent serious problems and provide solution to rip the problem at its bud. Here are a few tests which you be ordered to go through if suspecting infertility:

What is semen analysis?

This is the first test a doctor is most likely to prescribe. After a physical exam, a semen analysis will be ordered to check the quality and quantity of sperm in the semen. So you would need to give a sample, even if you are reluctant about it. If the first semen analysis gives out normal results, then the doctor may even ask for a second test to confirm the results. If anything in results looks abnormal, then further tests would be directed.

What can semen analysis detect?

  • Azoospermia: This is a condition where no sperm production takes place or sperms are not appearing in the semen.
  • Oligospermia: A condition where only a few sperms are produced
  • Sperm motility problems: If sperm are not moving normally, they are less likely to fertilize eggs.
  • Sperm morphology problems: Problems with the form and structure of the sperm can cause infertility in men.

While these conditions may be direct reasons for your not being able to conceive, they might also be causes for an underlying medical condition. Further blood and urine tests may be prescribed by the doctor in such a case.

Are there other ways to know fertility levels?

With scientific advancement, home fertility test kits are available for men and women, which can give them better idea about their problems and the kind of fertility treatments they should opt for. These simple tests require a waiting period of just 15 minutes to get accurate results.