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semen volume

Semen volume might not seem like the most important of things in your sexual performance but a lot of men beg to differ these days. You can confirm this fact with the high availability of volume boosting supplements on the British market.

So what’s it in semen volume load that people are ready to pay 30 to 50 pounds a month for the supplements to increase it. Experts say that it can tell a lot about what’s going in your body apart from proving the psychological benefits. Here are few of the things. (Please note that these are general observation and not scientifically proven statements.)

  • Good semen volume is an absolute indicator of good overall health, specifically the reproductive system. Healthy men produce and ejaculate more semen volume and it lessens with ageing, smoking, toxin exposure and various other factors.

  • You can actually get an idea of fertility of a man with the seminal fluid volume over the repeated sexual encounters. Men with more semen volume often have better sperm count and motility too.

  • Testosterone is closely related to the amount of semen produced in the body and women subconsciously choose partners with better hormonal balance. This might seem like a vague thing to say but many studies have proven it again and again. Even psychological researches highlight that women subconsciously select photos of men who actually had better sperm count and testosterone levels. So better semen volume may actually increase your attractiveness.

  • Semen volume is also an indicator of hydration levels of your body. More than 70% part of your seminal fluid is water and if you are keeping body hydrated, chances are that it will increase the semen volume.

Benefits of Good Volume

So does good volume also leads to good performance and sexual life? It happens more often than not? Apart from the usual confidence boost, semen volume is also related to orgasm intensity and ejaculation duration. It is quite obvious that your body will take more time ejaculating with more sperm and semen availability. Even milliseconds of boost can be considerable then think about the benefits of taking boosting supplements for prolonged periods. In fact, these supplements are also said to improve fertility in the longer period of time by supporting the complete reproductive system with nutrients and herbal extracts.