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Impotence, otherwise known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED has affected men for years now but over time man has found ways to overcome this problem using treatments and methods. Impotence as a term is the inability to maintain a strong enough erection to achieve satisfactory sexual intercourse for you and/or your partner. You can put impotence down to three categories. Those who can't get an erection at all, those who get an erection but then lose it soon after and those who get an erection, but isn't strong enough to penetrate.

There isn't a group of people that impotence is susceptible to, or is there an age group, impotence can affect teenagers right through to those in the middle age bracket and beyond. In younger men or teenagers the main reasons to impotence are anxiety and nervousness. This can be due to social pressure, the pressure to impress their partner or simply the thought of causing pregnancy or using a condom. Many men also complain of not being able to have pleasurable sex whilst wearing a condom as they find they cannot sustain an erection whilst wearing one, this is known as Condom Collapse Syndrome.