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treatments for Genital Warts

Genital warts can be distressing to have, not to mention unsightly and uncomfortable however there are treatments available to help you treat the symptoms. Genital warts are a result of type 6 and 11 of the Human Papillomavirus, otherwise known as HPV. The HPV can be caught through sharing sex toys, skin-on-skin contact, and vaginal and anal sex. There are many treatments available to help fight the symptoms of genital warts varying from topical treatments through to surgery. The most common forms of treatment are topical medications, electrocautery, surgery, laser treatment and cryotherapy.

Topical medications are widely available and offer a discreet way to effectively treat visible wars. The cream or liquid, depending on what product you go for is applied directly or indirectly to the wart daily. The healing process can take a few weeks but it is a safe and discreet method. Electrocautery sounds a little scary and many people opt away from this as the patient will be put under a local anaesthetic and an electric current is applied to terminate the wart.