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Premature ejaculation (PE) can be very distressing to not only the man but their partner also as this is the most common form of sexual problems faced by men worldwide. Thankfully there are a host of treatments available to men and couples alike to help overcome this issue. Treatments can take the form of self-help methods, couples sex therapy and product solutions to help delay ejaculation.

The self-help methods can take the form of masturbating a few hours before sex so that you last longer during sex, and taking breaks during sex. The squeeze technique is a tried and tested method of treating PE; you simply squeeze the area of your penis directly below the head, by doing so you remove some of the blood from the penis, making you last longer. Another method is thinking of something completely different and may be even boring, such as cricket or whatever you find boring. This could take your mind off the thought of PE and help you to last longer.