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Why increase semen volume

From lighting fragrant candles to playing a soft soothing music, you probably do all that it takes to make your sexual act with your partner top notch. However, regardless of the best of efforts, things can easily fall apart and bring disappointment between you both if you do not climax with a bang and all that you ejaculate is a little drop.

The volume of ejaculate to an extent determines male sexual virility and therefore, if lately your orgasms and the volume of load have been poorer then it is time you thought about increasing it and natural supplements such as Volume Pills, which is widely known to work, can help you immensely in increasing your load.

However, besides taking supplement support, certain alterations in your diet and lifestyle can help too. These changes include eating a lot of fresh fruits and minimal junk, keeping body hydrated at all times by increasing water intake (considering that most part of semen is water) and protected from dehydrating agents like alcohol, quitting smoking, and practicing weight training.

But before you go about doing what it takes to increase the load, knowing why should you do it will get you more enthusiastic and geared up to adopt measures that can help you enhance semen volume.

Bellow explained are reasons why you should increase semen volume.

1. In order to enjoy extended orgasms

We all know that semen is what comes out when we reach the peak of sexual excitement but really the link between orgasm and semen volume is a little deeper than just that. Biologically speaking, the sexually exciting and intense throbbing sensation felt during orgasm is due to the rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles that occurs to force out the semen. Therefore, if more of semen is produced, the pulsation of muscles to squirt out semen will continue for longer, and as a result, the intensified sexual pleasure that leads up to ejaculation will also be extended.

2. To improve your fertility health

Contrary to what many believe, the condition of infertility is not only relevant to women as in men too, the condition is equally prevalent. Specifically speaking, semen is carrier of sperm- male units that carry male genes and aid in fertilization of egg and therefore, it is important that sperm count is always adequate. Increase in semen volume leads to an increase in sperm count and hence, increases chances of one of your sperms to reach the female’s egg and aid in successful conception.

3. To improve erection quality

Most natural supplements for semen volume enhancement also help improve blood circulation in your private parts and as more blood flows into your penis, it expands to achieve erections that are firmer and long lasting and hence, your sexual performance sees a significant boost.

If you buy Volume Pills

Alongside providing the desired benefit of increased semen volume and all the related aforementioned sexual benefits, natural Volume Pills may also help those who ejaculate too early in the middle of the act and do not feel completely satisfied. Simply put, natural supplements such as this one can help you enjoy prolonged sex by delaying ejaculation.

So if you want to add an extra excitement quotient to your regular sex life, increasing semen volume can be one of the best ways to go about it.